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       CompassionAction works with non-profit and corporate organizations that want their
       staff and volunteers 
to have the resources to respond to modern social challenges that
       affect employer/employee/client
 relationships. Receiving good value for your time and
       financial investment is important to us, which is why 
our professional facilitators deliver 
       high quality programs that are proven effective. Participants learn 
new skills that provide      
       a foundation for 
changing behaviours that lead to improved relationships.
       When people have learned the skill of putting compassion into action they are better able
       to support each other in achieving personal, professional, and organizational goals.

       We are a non-profit organization delivering essential training. Please consider a
       donation to help us with our mission to draw awareness to these serious issues.

Why Choose Us?

CompassionAction is a Canadian organization with roots in
 Atlantic Canada. Our facilitators and directors offer a truly
 Canadian perspective that comes from experiences in rural,
 urban, immigrant, remote, and First Nations communities.
 We work with large corporations, small businesses, private and
 public enterprises, non-profit groups, faith groups as well as
 looselyorganized community groups. Our extensive Canadian
 experience allows us to work effectively with your organization
 in a way that meets your specific needs and concerns including aiding allergic reaction to jellyfish.

 Our programs are selected because they address the ROOT of
 problems or challenges that seep into our relationships and
 affect workplace and home-life satisfaction. CompassionAction
 is a Canadian leader when it comes to providing essential
 training programs that are proven to change behaviours.
 Most of our programs are third-party evaluated with
 statistical evidence of efficacy and are often accepted
 for Continuing Education Credits/Units.



CompassionAction in partnership with CAST has been awarded WIF grants to deliver safeTALK trainings in 5 Community Health Boards across Annapolis Valley. Details to follow

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